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Summer 2004

St. Patrick Preservation Update Ė Summer 2004 Town of Erin Newsletter

We are thrilled to report that this year our St. Patrick Preservation Groupís float took FIRST PLACE in the Judgeís Choice Category at the Annual St. Patrickís Day Parade on March 17, 2004. After four years of participating, it is wonderful to be in the winnerís circle. The $150 in prize money will certainly come in handy as we plan for the 150th Anniversary of the founding of St. Patrickís Church in 2005. A special thank you goes out to Nancy and Ev Henke and Mary Hasslinger for their creative ideas and hard work along with Emily and Allie Vanden Heuvel for the display signs. Ev & Mel Henke (father of Hartfordís newly re-elected mayor) braved the cold temperatures and snowy weather to accompany the float in replica antique cars that were built by Ev Henke. Planning is already underway for next yearís special 150th Anniversary float.

Of course, our St. Patrick Preservation Group is still hard at work on the 150th Anniversary Book. We canít begin to thank Nancy Henke and her daughter, Mary Hasslinger for the many hours they have already spent on this project. We would also like to offer a huge thank you to Dan Coffey, who recently provided aerial photographs of St. Patrickís unique architectural featureóthe church is built in the shape of a cross. If you have not already submitted a family tree it isnít too late, but time is running out. We would like as many parishioner families as possible to submit their information to make this book a huge success. If you have pictures or information you would like to share, please contact Nancy at 262/673-5219. The next newsletter will provide pre-order information

Signatures are still being gathered to show support for the local Tridentine Church Communityís interest in using St. Patrickís Church for a Latin Mass. Thus far we have collected over 425 signatures with a goal of 500. If you havenít already signed this petition, please stop by Millikinís Church Road Gas Station on Highway 167 & 83. We are so appreciative to Jeff and Mary Millikin (and kids) for their help in this endeavor. If you have already shown your support Ė THANKS!

We were hopeful that by this time, we would have good news regarding Wisconsin Senate Bill 335, which would help protect the church assets of parishioners during mergers. Unfortunately, due to the legislative work on the defense of marriage Constitutional Amendment, Senate Bill 335 died in committee. We have received assurances that this bill will be re-introduced in the next legislative session in January of 2005, and we have also received a letter from Senator Ted Kanavas stating his support for this worthwhile piece of legislation.

For continued updates on our progress, please visit our web site at www.savestpatrick.com or join us the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Erin Town Hall. Coffee, dessert and catching up with family, friends and neighbors follow the meeting. The Rosary will be prayed (weather permitting) from May through October at 6:40 p.m. prior to the meeting on the steps of St. Patrickís. If you would like to become a member of the St. Patrick Preservation Fund, Inc. (reasonably priced at $5/Single and $10/Family), please contact Nancy Henke. Our yearly membership drive starts July 1. We thank you for your continued support to preserve an important part of the Town of Erinís history.