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Spring 2003

St. Patrick Preservation Update

On November 30, 2002, the Plenary Session of the Apostolic Signatura (the high court of the Vatican) heard the appeals of St. Patrick of Erin, St. Casimir of Kenosha and St. Joseph of Cudahy. As of December 30, 2002, no decision has been made regarding our cases. We are still hopeful that in the end truth and justice will prevail and the doors of St. Patrick’s will be open once again.

On December 16, 2002, we presented another application to Archbishop Timothy Dolan requesting Washington County Landmark Status for 147-year old St. Patrick Church of Erin. In order for the application to proceed it does need the approval of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

As we begin 2003, all the members of the St. Patrick Preservation Group would like to thank the residents of Erin Township for their support—especially financially. We are especially grateful to our Town Chairman, Dennis Kenealy, and Robert Lang of the Lang Companies for writing letters to Archbishop Dolan on our behalf. We have been truly blessed.

Should you wish to write to Archbishop Dolan regarding the historic and spiritual impact St. Patrick has had for you, your family and our community, letters may be sent to:
The Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of Milwaukee, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, P.O. Box 07913, Milwaukee, WI 53207-0913. You may E-mail him at:
archbishopdolan@archmil.org or fax him at: 414/769-3388.

For continued updates on our progress, please visit our web site at: www.savestpatrick.com or join us the second Tuesday of each month at the Erin Town Hall at 7 p.m. Membership in the St. Patrick Preservation Fund, Inc. is reasonably priced at $5.00/Single and $10.00/Family. Please contact Nancy Henke for details.