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January 6, 2000

On December 23, l999, all parishes in the State of Wisconsin effected by recent church closings received an early Christmas present from Governor Tommy Thompson when he vetoed Assembly Bill 189. This bill, which was proposed by the Wisconsin Catholic Conference (Archbishop Weakland, Chairman), was designed to make it easier for dioceses to close churches and confiscate church funds against the will of the parishioners. Due to this wonderful turn of events all church closures and mergers, that were contested but arbitrarily forced upon a parish, have been illegal according to
Wisconsin State Statutes.

So, what does this mean for St. Patrick Parish in the Town of Erin? It means that St. Patrick Parish and other viable parish corporations that were closed against their will have an opportunity for "due process" under the law.

St. Casmir's Parish in Kenosha, Wisconsin has already raised $23,000 of the needed $50,000 to challenge their closing. We have also been informed that a parish in Burlington, Wisconsin is interested in pursuing legal action.

It is our belief that becoming a part of this legal action is our best opportunity to reopen St. Patrick Church, but we cannot be successful without your help.
Asking for financial assistance is never easy; however, with God's guidance and your generosity, we feel we have an unbeatable partnership.
As of December 31, l999, supporters of St. Patrick Parish have pledged over $1500. They believe that St. Patrick Church will
re open and thrive once more -- $50, $100, $500 or more adds up quickly to our goal of raising an additional $25,000.

HELP SAVE ST. PATRICK PARISH for future generations of past and present Town of Erin residents and surrounding communities.

You may send your contribution to: St. Patrick Parish Preservation Fund, c/o
Mrs. Joan Coffey, 1480 Highway 83, Hartford, WI 53027.
Your contribution to this legal fund is not tax deductible.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call either Joan at 262-673-2193 or Maureen at 262-670-0975.
May God bless you now and forever.

"Save St. Patrick Parish" Preservation Committee.