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To All Parishioners and Friends of St Patrick Parish.
In the fall, some of the parishioners of St. Patrick's Church in the Town of Erin are going to start working on a book of the history of St. Patrick Church.  If you have any newspaper articles, pictures, history and/or stories, please send them to Nancy Henke at 1955 Highway 83 south, Hartford, Wisconsin 53027.
If you would like to help with this book in any way, please call Nancy at 262-673-5219. 
Since there are no funds available to do this book, any donations would be welcome.  Just send them to the above address.
In this book we would like to include the priests and nuns who were born and raised here and who went to St. Patrick Church.
We are looking for Sister Mary Frances Barnett who died about 1910; Father Dan Garvey who died July 22, l983 and his sister, Sister M. Rosalia of Omaha, Neb.
Others are Michael and Anna Cantwell Russell's
two daughters, Sister Mary Clara who died Feb.. 27, l934 and Sister Mary or Miriam of Iowa who died more than a year before; John and Mary Cavanaugh Jeffords had two daughters, Viola Frances born in l897 and was with the Order of Good Shepherd, and Mary, probably Sister Elizabeth or Mary. 
Thank you for any help you can provide.          Nancy